Battlefield 5 – Rumor: Battle Royale mode will Free2Play

Electronic Arts is rumored to convert parts of Battlefield 5 into a Free2Play model. This should apply above all to the Battle Royale mode, which would thus be in direct competition with Fortnite.

Fans of the series only want the typical series gameplay, but with Battlefield 5 there is something new to discover: For the first time the series will offer a Battle-Royale-Mode.

Publisher Electronic Arts will focus on the success of Fortnite, as a recent rumor has it. An anonymous source, who already provided correct information about E3, contacted the GiantBomb Podcast

Battle Royale, price doesn’t matter

In order to survive in a rather competitive market, the Battle Royale mode is to be traded as a separate unit. In the course of that he will be Free2Play, they say. Fortnite went a similar way, was initially charged and then outsourced the BR mode.

Buy Battlefield 5 and get access to all known modes. However, there is also a bonus for Battle Rale mode, probably in the form of skins or in-game currency.

Fortnite Crossplay – PS4 is “the best place to play

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is still a huge success and that’s exactly why the title is used again and again for the debate about crossplay. In a recent interview, Sony’s Chief Executive Kenichiro Yoshida spoke on the subject.

DualShockers’ colleagues returned to crossplay in a recent interview and asked Kenichiro Yoshida why Sony continues to oppose cross-platform gaming. Among other things, the Chief Executive replied with the following words.

“On cross-platform, our way of thinking is always that PlayStation is the best place to play. Fortnite together with PlayStation 4 is the best experience for users and that is our conviction”.

Sony, however, is not totally against crossplay. After all, PlayStation 4 players can easily jump over the island with other players who have the PC version and try to win together. However, PS4 and Xbox One or Nintendo Switch players do not meet. Although Yoshida emphasizes this fact, he does not provide an official reason for this approach.

“But actually we have already opened some games for crossplay with PC and some other[platforms], so we can assess what is the best experience for the players. That’s our way of thinking about it.”

Ultimately, competition plays a big role and if you let PS4 and Xbox One players compete against each other, you run the risk of finding out where the better players can be found on which platform. The marketing departments of the companies would certainly take advantage of this fact to claim that their own console is superior to the competition. Since Sony currently dominates the console market, you probably don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. Microsoft, on the other hand, has nothing to lose. That is why we are in favour of crossplay.

Fortnite: Fans pay over $400 for the PAX West spray logo

Fortnite: Battle Royale (PC, PS4, iOS, Android, Switch & Xbox One) had an exclusive spray logo at PAX West. This thing is extremely popular and achieves top prices on the Internet at online auction houses.

What does the new spray logo from PAX West look like? At the recently ended PAX West gaming fair in Seattle (USA), Fortnite developer Epic will once again be distributing unique spray logos for the colourful Battle Royale game.

The PAX West logo shows the famous Fortnite Lama. With the PAX West Spraypaint it carries a controller in its mouth and is covered with other gaming peripherals.


The Spary- worth the price?


As before at E3 and Gamescom 2019, such spraypaints are extremely popular with players. Only a few Fortnite fans are able to get the spray logos on site at the respective trade fairs. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to get officially to the item. Most likely, the respective logos will be unique for the fair in a certain year. If you don’t have one, you’ll get nothing forever.

That’s why the spray logo market thrives on the Internet every time a trade fair comes to an end.
Top prices for digital Spraypaint

What are the offers for the PAX-West-Spraypaint? As soon as the PAX West was over, absurd offers for the spray logo of the trade fair accumulated. The first offers started relatively harmlessly with 50 to 60 US dollars per logo.

Prices explode

But soon the offers exploded and 150 or more dollars for the spray paint were not uncommon. One of the spray logos is said to have been bundled with the spraypaints from this year’s E3 and Gamescom 2018 for as much as 450 US dollars.

Spraypaint codes for trade fairs and events are not the only thing that is worth a lot of money in Fortnite. Accounts with rare skins from Season 1 and Co. are also worth a fortune

Fortnite: New mode Getaway and Harpoon should bring fresh play feeling

The Fortnite mode “Getaway” presented on the weekend in the Twitch-Livestream to PAX West should turn the game feeling upside down – at least according to Gamespot.com. The next big update will be the event High Stakes, which will add a new costume and four masks as well as this temporary mode.

Youtube user “Fortnite Cookies” has recorded the corresponding scene from the stream:


At the beginning of a round, four safes are dropped, which must be detected and opened by teams of four. The valuable item contained in it (such as a jewel lama) must be taken to an evacuation zone – while of course fighting for survival with other players. The new “Grappler Gun” should also get things going.

When you shoot a wall, it quickly pulls the shooter there. High stakes also includes a number of challenges to get to the new wild card skin.

Bollywood movies: Women adorn the posters, but the films are about men

Bright colours, lots of singing and even more heartache: Bollywood films are ahead of their reputation. They are also becoming increasingly popular beyond India’s borders and there is no shortage of supplies.

The Hindi film industry is the largest in the world, producing some 3,500 films a year, twice as many as the USA.

But as colourful as the film images may be, the industry does not look particularly flowery when it comes to equality and gender representation. Exact figures are given in a study by the IBM research institute, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi, and Delhi Technological University.

To find out about the gender stereotypes and one-sided representations in the Hindi film industry, the Indian researchers investigated film plots and posters of Bollywood films that have appeared since 1970.

Her main focus was on the jobs, the descriptions and actions associated with the film characters in the films.

They also looked at which roles, main or supporting roles, women and men appear and to what extent women are the focus of the films. But the group around IBM researcher Nishtha Madaan was also interested in the emotions attributed to the sexes.

Beautiful women, rich men

The researchers included their data from all Wikipedia pages about Hindi films since they had no access to most scripts. From the Wikipedia entries, they were able to extract the film title, the cast, the plot, the soundtrack and images.

Already here a clearly higher proportion of men showed up: About 9,000 actors face 5,000 actresses in these films. In addition, they watched the complete scripts of 13 films and almost 900 trailers of films from the past nine years.

While men are mentioned 30 times in descriptions of the film plots, women occur only about 15 times. Also, films are much more often about men than about women, so the female characters are only the focus of about 300 films.

There is also a clear difference in the adjectives associated with the respective characters. Male characters are attributed verbs like “kills” or “shoots” and adjectives like “rich” and “wealthy”. Women, on the other hand, are associated with “marries” and “loves” or “beautiful” and “attractive”.

In addition, the men are introduced as “a famous singer” or “an honest police officer”, while women are introduced to the plot through their appearance “beautiful”, “simple looking” or their relationship to other “daughter of”.

Men are also much more likely to be angry, women are always more cheerful than men. There was also an imbalance in the jobs of the film characters. Male film characters work much more frequently in higher positions such as a lawyer or doctor.

On the road to recovery

With the respective film posters, the distribution of roles looks completely different again, as the researchers invested. Here women are shown just as often as men, even if the character they play plays little or no role in the film story.

While 80 per cent of the film plots are about men, women can still be seen on more than half of the advertising posters. In films such as GangaaJal, in whose film descriptions not a single female name is mentioned, three women are nevertheless very obviously depicted.

In their execution, the scientists repeatedly write that the films ultimately reflect society and that something definitely needs to change. The only ray of hope is that in recent years more and more films have broken through the existing stereotypes by focusing on female roles. In the past two years, this was almost 12 per cent of films compared to 7 per cent in the early 1970s. The film industry is still a long way from equality, but the trend is encouraging.