Fortnite: New mode Getaway and Harpoon should bring fresh play feeling

The Fortnite mode “Getaway” presented on the weekend in the Twitch-Livestream to PAX West should turn the game feeling upside down – at least according to The next big update will be the event High Stakes, which will add a new costume and four masks as well as this temporary mode.

Youtube user “Fortnite Cookies” has recorded the corresponding scene from the stream:


At the beginning of a round, four safes are dropped, which must be detected and opened by teams of four. The valuable item contained in it (such as a jewel lama) must be taken to an evacuation zone – while of course fighting for survival with other players. The new “Grappler Gun” should also get things going.

When you shoot a wall, it quickly pulls the shooter there. High stakes also includes a number of challenges to get to the new wild card skin.

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