Battlefield 5 – Rumor: Battle Royale mode will Free2Play

Electronic Arts is rumored to convert parts of Battlefield 5 into a Free2Play model. This should apply above all to the Battle Royale mode, which would thus be in direct competition with Fortnite.

Fans of the series only want the typical series gameplay, but with Battlefield 5 there is something new to discover: For the first time the series will offer a Battle-Royale-Mode.

Publisher Electronic Arts will focus on the success of Fortnite, as a recent rumor has it. An anonymous source, who already provided correct information about E3, contacted the GiantBomb Podcast

Battle Royale, price doesn’t matter

In order to survive in a rather competitive market, the Battle Royale mode is to be traded as a separate unit. In the course of that he will be Free2Play, they say. Fortnite went a similar way, was initially charged and then outsourced the BR mode.

Buy Battlefield 5 and get access to all known modes. However, there is also a bonus for Battle Rale mode, probably in the form of skins or in-game currency.

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