Fortnite: Is the hype finally over? 30 percent fewer Twitch viewers


Fortnite was THE mainstream phenomenon of the gaming industry last year. But is the hype perhaps finally over? This thought could now be suggested by figures from Twitch which say that the battle royal shooter on the streaming platform has lost around 30 percent of viewers since July.


The online shooter Fortnite is regarded as the most watched game on the streaming portal Twitch. But since last July Fortnite has lost a lot of viewers there. Fortnite has lost about 30 percent of its viewers on Twitch since the summer. While in July it was still about 151 million hours that Fortnite streams were seen, it was now only a little over 100 million hours. So what could be the reason for that?

Reasons why the hype about Fortnite is finally over

No matter how good something actually is – constant repetition can be tiring. This is also the case with Fortnite and its fans, who might slowly lose interest. The course of a Fortnite match is often similar and so the interest of the audience could wear off. On Twitch, Fortnite also had to defend itself against strong competitors. World of Warcraft and Counter Strike: Global Offensive have gained a lot of popularity there.

On Twitch, however, another trend can be observed: There the trend is away from the big streamers towards the small streamers. More and more of the big top 100 streamers are losing viewers. Since January, their total hours of viewing have decreased by 8 million hours. The view hours of the small streamers, on the other hand, have increased and so has their popularity. Of course, this could also be connected with a possible algorithm change on the part of Twitch, but it is only pure speculation. What the future holds for Fortnite will hold in store in the face of new competition from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 and the upcoming Battlefield 5.

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